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Attitude Is Everything In Business

ATTITUDE ISAttitude Is Everything  In Business

Many people don’t really think that their attitude has anything to do with their success.  The reality is it has everything to do with your success.

A positive attitude will get you much further than a negative attitude any day of the week.  If you have any type of business you must have a positive attitude to stay in business.

Negative Attitude

No one wants to do business with a negative person because it so many other people you can do business with.  If you think about it most negative people don’t own businesses, they are usually employed by the positive business owner.

Your attitude has so much to do with how you view things and the way you approach each different situations. Your attitude will give you a advantage or a disadvantage based on if its positive or negative.


Talent with a bad attitude will get you nowhere.  Look a basketball teams the Goldenstate Worriors did not  have the most talent on their them and at some positions they were over matched.

The were always positive even in the locker room and on the court win or lost.  It was televised how positive the whole team was and always thanking each other and praising one another.

Many of the other teams had way more talent than the Worrior s but none were more positive. This was the key to why they won the NBA Championship in 2015.


You were not born perfect so why do you feel everything you do has to be perfect.  You can’t take failing personal because it’s a way of life and also take any invention was discovered out of failure.

Your attitude will let you determine if you take the failure in a positive or negative way. Edison failed many times before he discovered the light bulb. If he had a bad attitude we would not have light today.


Failure is a way of life and if you fail enough you will eventually succeed. It all starts with your attitude.

You have to be willing to fail in your business and take that failure and learn from it. It’s your spring board to your journey of success.  Failure actually can promote you many times but too many people want to play it safe and never reach their potential because they are afraid to fail.

They are always wondering why is everyone else succeeding except for me.


Your philosophy is the key ingredient for your attitude because this is how you view life and how you think life if to be lived.  You get your philosophy by what you put in your mind daily, if you watch a lot of tv you will have a lot to doubt and fear stored in your mind.


Everything will scare you because you only see whats going in the world around you.  This type of thinking leads to how you approach everything in life also how you view life in general and the actions you take or don’t take.

Good News

The good news is you can change your attitude at any time you decide to change it.  There is no time limit set for you.  Always look for the positive side of things and  you will be a better person because of it.

Business is more about attitude and less about the product you have to offer.

Change your attitude and change your life.  Attitude is your business.



Momentum For Your Business

momentum snowballMomentum

Momentum is the quality of motion of a moving body  measures as a product of its mass and velocity.

The best example of momentum is body builders, because they are some of the most consistent people you will ever see.  They first make up in their mind the body they want to create and they don’t stop for nothing until they get there.

There are many ex’body builders who gave up and that’s why they are x’s.  They train day in and day out to build up their stamina for the day when they don’t feel like working on their body.

How do they develop the stamina you may ask? They develop it by daily training which over time forms a habit. How does this tie into you and your business right.

You decided to get into business for what ever reason and things may not be going as fast as you would like it to be right now.  You may work on your business a few hours a week and stop then repeat your actions weekly then monthly.

Your business will not pick up until you learn how to get some momentum going and don’t stop while you have that momentum because if you get enough momentum going its like a snow ball rolling downhill.

It starts to grow bigger and bigger and people start to pay attention to you because you have so much momentum in your business and they just want to be apart of something.

Here are a couple of things to get you started.

  1. Have a clear mind of what you want out of your business.

2. Be ready to get uncomfortable  because success does not live in your                             comfort zone.

  1. Learn something and take action a.s.a.p

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Why Don’t My leads Buy Something Or Signup?

100k-KenWhy Don’t My leads Buy Something Or Signup

I thought when you get into a company and they give you a website then you are really in business.  I never thought about all the other 1000’s of distributatiors within the company that have the same free website.

I was just happy about the product and wanted to share it with others.  I put my website out and even told friend and family about it but I wasn’t getting anybody to see the business the way I saw it.


So I was really confused because it’s a good company and has good products so why in the heck they can’t see they need this product and some need this company because they always need to borrow money.

I did not understand the company I signed up with had its own marketing agenda and I had to also develop one for myself.

I surely did not sign up for that or else I would not have did business with them.

So yes it left me frustrated. So the next best thing as I was researching on Google was how to get people to may website and most post talked about buying traffic, and that is what I did.

Buy Traffic

I was happy because I could see people email addresses going to my site and a good amount but no one was still buying or signing up with me. Dang so I got hustled again wow low down dirty folks.

You may have gone through this when you started a business or in your business currently.  I went through this myself and because I was so determined not to quit I kept on searching and looking for a way to get my business up and running online.

Pay Attention

I was seeking something that was also seeking me.  The first thing I started to do was pay attention to what all the top earners had in common.

I noticed they all talked about them and how they could hey you and the company was a vehicle for them.


They all used their own website and their own system to collect the emails for them self just in case the people who showed up to look at the opportunity did not by today they had access the market to them later.

The List

How do I know this is true because I’m on a lot of peoples list and them send me stuff all the time and I click on it to see if im interested or not and some stuff  I did but.  I never thought of signing up for a little business that you really have to treat it like a Million Dollar company, but they did and that’s why they are making the millions in the company of their choice.

The Choice

People have a choice of where to put their money and now they want to know if you have what it takes to get them to the next level.  You really have to prove you have something to offer them even if it’s just good motivation.

I looked at many systems for a while some I tried and some were just too much info to take in at the time so I quit for a while but each time I looked at Facebook and saw the guys still being successful I would say Man I know I can do it.  Then I decided I was going to be successful no matter what and no matter how long it would take.

The Decision

I was taking my first baby step feeling shaky at first but I found and course I had before and just started learning.  And now look at me giving other people advice on how you will make mistakes but through your failures is where you will find your success, like I did .

Any  profession will cost you money to lean how it is done properly so this is no different. I went for years saying I can just Youtube it and get the understanding but it takes  years to learn business 101 and I don’t have years so I’m paying for my education in Business.

Take Action

You will pay for what you don’t know or you can pay to know and get paid by those that don’t know. I would advise you to take a look at the system I’m using and take it for a 10 day free trial run..

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Get My Top Five Things You should Know About Any Business!

My Top Five Things You should know about  any business

Kentakingnotes-1So last night I was on a webinar with 6/7 figure earners.  It was interesting because they gave out information that you can apply to any business you are a part of.

Being a business owner really boils down to 3 Basic things (Traffic, Leads, Sales). This just sums it up but it’s not that easy as you may have already figured out by now.

Making money online is quite different from making money offline.

How would it feel to get rid of the frustration and start getting leads effortlessly ?

What would it do for your bank account if you were getting more sales & sign ups?

These are just some of the questions that were answered on the webinar.

So here are my Top Five Things You should know about business:

  1. We all get frustrated whenever we start anything new. So be ready for it.
  2. You don’t   know how to  get traffic to your website.
  3. Learn Attraction Marketing –(attract people to you and your offer or product)
  4. Not sure which strategy you should use to get leads or traffic (fb, YouTube, twitter, etc..)
  5. If you are talking to everybody then you are talking to nobody (Find your target market)

There are so many people struggling to get sales or even leads in their online business.  If you don’t know how to play the game how can you expect to win?

Find out why I and many others use a system that teaches us how to attract the right leads, how to get traffic to our offer anytime we want , and make sales at will.  This has nothing to do with your mlm but everything to do with you.

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My Top 5 Tips To Lose Weight Without Exercising

eat-more-art-1Get My top 5 Tips To Lose Weight Without Exercising

Many times you just don’t feel like exercising for some reason or another, like bad weather , late from work , low energy or you just don’t feel like it. Many times we get turned off because we think you have to be In the gym for long amount of time right? Wrong You don’t have to break a sweat to lose a weight.

  1. Protein- takes more energy to digest than carbs. For example your body has to work harder to digest a salmon filet than it does to digest a bowl of past. Eating protein caused your body to release a hormone called leptin, which makes you feel fuller so you eat less.
  2. Drink Plenty of water with salt, because water needs electrolytes like sodium,, potassium, and chloride to be absorbed better. The electrolytes in the salt push the water into cells in the body where they are most needed, rather than let the water just flush your system out, which just caused to goto the restroom frequently.  This should give you more of an energy spike because you are staying hydrated.
  3. Don’t skip meals because you will end up snacking on the wrong foods and over eating at meal time. Always keep healthy snacks around when you are in between meals.
  4. Not enough sleep can lead to late night snacking which causes weight gain. It impacts your hunger and fullness hormones and making it more difficult to lose weight.
  5. Journal your daily food intake as this will tell you which foods serve you and which do not serve you. You are you own best advocate about the food you are eating and only you can be completely honest with yourself about it.


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Ken D


Top Performing MLM Company’s In Last Six Months!

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Delgada Slimming Coffee What is It

Delgata Coffee-3Delgada Slimming Coffee

Iaso™ Café Delgada is infused with pure Ganoderma Lucidum extract. It has been reported to increase longevity, boost human immune systems, reduce high blood pressure and more. Ganoderma lucidum is the scientific name of the mysterious Red (Reishi) Mushroom that grows on only 2 out of 10,000 aged wild plum trees found in the dense and humid high mountain forests of Asia. The ancient Chinese crowned it as the “Miraculous King of Herbs” due to its superior attributes, which have stood the test of time for over 4,000 years. To date, no known herb has ever challenged its superiority. With good reason, thousands of scientific studies published on the Internet document growing confidence in its astonishing immunomodulation and adaptogenic properties.

First labeled “God’s Herb” or “Spiritual Herb” by the Chinese, Ganoderma Lucidum was consumed regularly by emperors because of their strong belief in its ability to give them eternal youth and prosperity.

For over 4,000 years, Ganoderma Lucidum has been the most revered herb in Chinese medicine and remains one of the most fascinating and highly documented foods ever encountered in nature. With well over 150 antioxidants and phytonutrients, Ganoderma Lucidum is the closest thing to nutritional perfection found in nature. A True SUPERFOOD! Now you too can enjoy this Ancient Chinese Secret.


Premium Sumatran Coffee, Garcinia Cambodia, Pure Ganoderma Extract, Natural Caffeine, Advantra Z and Green Coffee Bean.

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