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Attitude Is Everything In Business

ATTITUDE ISAttitude Is Everything  In Business

Many people don’t really think that their attitude has anything to do with their success.  The reality is it has everything to do with your success.

A positive attitude will get you much further than a negative attitude any day of the week.  If you have any type of business you must have a positive attitude to stay in business.

Negative Attitude

No one wants to do business with a negative person because it so many other people you can do business with.  If you think about it most negative people don’t own businesses, they are usually employed by the positive business owner.

Your attitude has so much to do with how you view things and the way you approach each different situations. Your attitude will give you a advantage or a disadvantage based on if its positive or negative.


Talent with a bad attitude will get you nowhere.  Look a basketball teams the Goldenstate Worriors did not  have the most talent on their them and at some positions they were over matched.

The were always positive even in the locker room and on the court win or lost.  It was televised how positive the whole team was and always thanking each other and praising one another.

Many of the other teams had way more talent than the Worrior s but none were more positive. This was the key to why they won the NBA Championship in 2015.


You were not born perfect so why do you feel everything you do has to be perfect.  You can’t take failing personal because it’s a way of life and also take any invention was discovered out of failure.

Your attitude will let you determine if you take the failure in a positive or negative way. Edison failed many times before he discovered the light bulb. If he had a bad attitude we would not have light today.


Failure is a way of life and if you fail enough you will eventually succeed. It all starts with your attitude.

You have to be willing to fail in your business and take that failure and learn from it. It’s your spring board to your journey of success.  Failure actually can promote you many times but too many people want to play it safe and never reach their potential because they are afraid to fail.

They are always wondering why is everyone else succeeding except for me.


Your philosophy is the key ingredient for your attitude because this is how you view life and how you think life if to be lived.  You get your philosophy by what you put in your mind daily, if you watch a lot of tv you will have a lot to doubt and fear stored in your mind.


Everything will scare you because you only see whats going in the world around you.  This type of thinking leads to how you approach everything in life also how you view life in general and the actions you take or don’t take.

Good News

The good news is you can change your attitude at any time you decide to change it.  There is no time limit set for you.  Always look for the positive side of things and  you will be a better person because of it.

Business is more about attitude and less about the product you have to offer.

Change your attitude and change your life.  Attitude is your business.



Naysayer Who Are They?


People who say something will not work, or it’s not possible.  Naysayers are all around you and unfortunately they are the majority and the are recruiting like crazy.

You can’t share anything with the naysayers because they will find a reason why you will not succeed and try to persuade you to stop trying.  You have to know how to get past your naysayers.

Each successful step you take the naysayers will always be waiting on you because you bring pain into their world about the things they gave up on and do not want to be reminded of what could of been.

It can be family friends kids or anybody for that matter just be ware who you share your dreams with.

Get in a community of like minded people where its always positive and everyone congratulates you for your success.  If you don’t have access to this type of community click here to be apart of the positive 5% of people that pour into you day in and day out.  Click here now 


Ken d


Sometimes Negative Can Lead To A Positive.

Any time you give power to negative conversation that is the reality you will create.  I only heard about amazon ebayDSDonination because of negative talk from people.  I decided to look up what these bad people are doing. In our mind we retain more negative than positive thoughts.  I went to Youtube to see what i could find out about the company.  I saw video after video and it was nothing but posititve feed back.  I could understand what DSD was talking about.  I was looking for more information about drop shipping. I had a program but it only touched on Ebay just a little.  I felt like it was something being left out even after viewing the videos 5-6 times.  So It was more for you to figure out on your own, but for me my time was valuable so it was time to move on.  DSD has training to guide the new person from day 1. They Guide you through setting up your first Ebay account. There are so many little things just in the start that can really hinder you from your success.  If you know the pitfalls that lay ahead of you this makes the whole process very smooth.  They hold your hand the whole way until you start making money.  They only focus on one thing and thats Ebay an Amazon. A old mentor of mine once said you can be the best jockey in the world but if you are on the wrong horse you will never win.  I’m really glad I have been around  marketing long enough to dismount that horse and get on one that will help me succeed.  So no matter what business you are in don’t talk negative about another company because it gives power to it.  You will never know who is looking for something else.


Ken Davis