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Clutter Butter

black-woman-meditating2-1Have you figured out like me that our minds is like clutter butter? We have so many thought going through our mind that we can’t really focus on anything we really want. We normally just except what is given to us instead of what we really want. Is this by design or do we all have adhd? We must get very clear on what we want in order to get it..So how do we stop all these millions of thoughts running through our head daily? I found a way to do it but its not a quick fix its something you will have to keep up daily and really the rest of you life. It’s been around for centuries but I never paid much attention to it so it’s one of the Biggest Secrets to getting what you want. You see people do it at home, in the park, in the library, and just about any where. Why is that so few know about it and the masses don’t? Well sometimes the most obvious thins are right under you nose and you are just to distracted to realize it..What is the secret the so obvious you ask? Its the art of meditation. I did not really think that meditation really worked I guess because I did not understand the process behind it. It’s a procedure to correctly meditate. I will be meditation from here on out in just 3 days I can tell the difference already. It’s time to go out and get whats mine.

Ken Davis

Learn How To Implement Instagram Tools For Business Owners That Rock

Instalead magic cheat sheet-3Here are some of the things you will learn for the Instagram tool

Best Ways To Get Free Instagram Followers

1. Connect your Facebook account and add your friends.
This is easy to do and you will be walked through it once you start your new account.

If you don’t want to add all your friends just select the one’s you want to add. You can do this exact same thing with your
e-mail account as well.

It’s always best to plug the audience you already have into your Instagram account initially to get things started.

2. Post to your other Social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. ask them to join you on Instagram.

If you have a e-mail list you should also send out to your subscribers that you are now on Instagram and
ask them to connect with you there.

Here is the video about Instagram Tool


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Learn 3 Steps To Make Eye-Poppin’ Blogs..Live Demo

Wanna become a leader in this industry?

The way to do that is to build YOUR brand. Not your company. Not your products.


That’s where becoming a leader starts. Because that’s where you own  and house your brand and value. An asset that nobody can EVER take away from you.

Let’s face it though, building a blog can seem pretty daunting.  Seems like a headache. Lots of buttons to push. Yikes ~~

You’re Wrong!

It’s actually super easy in fact.

Eyepopping Blog 3


3 Easy Ways to Create an Eye-Poppin’ Blog To
Build Your Brand and Get More Daily Leads

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Don’t Get Left Behind Again!

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Dont get left behind ken-2

Does Branding Matter?


Branding is most important any way you look at it.

James Harden was exposed for reping another brand while he is signed with Adidas.

That’s a big no no when you are getting paid to reperesent one company you just can’t do what you want because they own the brand and they own you.

Business is the same way start branding yourself and not the company. You need to be out front.

Network Marketing Tips For Beginners This Training Is For You!

Network marketing tips2Network Marketing Tips For Beginners This Training Is For You!

New network marketers are very vulnerable at the beginning.  You may want to take some time and do a little research on the industry you are apart of.

This network marketing industry can be very lucrative or very disappointing depending on how serious you are about it. It’s your job to go the extra mile to be successful in your company.


Your belief system is the most important piece of the puzzle you really need in order to stay in the network marketing industry.  Do your own research on the network marketing  in order to shield yourself form the naysayers.

Immerse Yourself Around  Success

Are you hanging with the right people? Find people that can put positive influence in you and your business.  You should be getting positive information on a daily basis. Ex. Webinars, seminars, books, and motivational calls.


You must have a calendar if you are going to survive in this business. You are already busy with everyday life so now you must make some time to work you new business. You can’t do that if you don’t have a calendar with you agenda on it.

If you don’t put you task down on your calendar then you may be doing someone else’s tasks from their calendar.

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Three Distinct States OF Mind

Three Distinct States OF Mind

  1. Beta – a careful person who avoids risk and confrontation of lack physical presence, charisma and confidence of Alphas.

They are insecure in their ability to be a leader and they always place                            blame on others and not themselves. Its always another person’s fault.                          They are followers not leaders.

Their personal value to the market place is low compared to the Alpha                          value to the market place.

They just want to be told what to do and just go and do it.  Jobs love                        betas because they love to tell you what to do and how to do it.

  1. Pre-Alpha– a beta in transition to the Alpha state of mind and this is really outside of their comfort zone. They have vision to become an Alpha. They are willing to discipline themselves like Alphas. They are willing to push through challenges that will come along the way. They start to take responsibility for their success and failure.
  2. Alpha – Lives in the abundant frame of mind and is intently followed by beats and pre-alphas.

Alphas are not shaker by the opinion of others because they do not seek the                approval of others.

They radiate confidence in the direction they travel and the know exactly                    where to focus their energy and passion to get the desired result.  They are                  confident yet humble minded to conduct business with the utmost of                            integrity which in and of itself is super attractive to other people

How do you become a Alpha?

Increase you value and self-worth in the market place. Learn new specialized skills through books, courses, trainings, ect.

Your value in the market place determines the amount of money you can command from the market.  All  you have to do is increase you market value and continually develop you mindset and teach others to do the same.

People will gladly give you their money in exchange for the value you possess.

Ken Davis..

Let’s Face It You Need Leads For Your Business!

lead generation-3Let’s Face It You Need Leads For Your Business

We all get into business with the hope of being successful with our plan B.  The problem is that plan B over time turns into plan C, D, E,F,G and mabe even plan z depending on how many times you have tried to go into business for yourself.

We really want to do it ourselves so we can say we did it.  This is success in team thinking and getting around people who think like you.

Are you struggling to get just one targeted lead in your business? You need to really get a system that will teach you how to get at least one lead a day, that’s 30 leads a month.

We need an extra boost in our business to set us apart from every other business out there.  It’s a choice not a excuse why you are still struggling to get leads and sales for your business.

I recommend you take a look at my number#1 tool I use to get leads…

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