What Is Your Vision? What Are Your Dreams?

Is Your Vision Just A Vision?

Do  you have  vision is a good question to ask anyone?  You will get all types of answers from this question.

You will also get different emotions from this question as well. People do have a vision but most never act on it. Why is it so many people let their vision go down by the way side?

The best example I like to use is from the movie “Collateral “ staring Jamie Fox and Tom Cruise.

Jamie Fox was taxi driver who has pictures of Tahiti Beach pinned in the visor of his cab. He would always look at it each time he picked up a passenger and talked about his dream to go to Tahiti and lay on the beach. He said the way I will be able to afford it is to have a fleet of Limo’s that he would own.

He picked up Tom Cruise and told him about his dream to one day own a Limo service and then go relax on the beaches of Tahiti. Unlike all the other cab riders Tom Cruise asked “how long have you had that dream” Jamie said about 8 years.

Your vision is your door way to make your dreams come true but it you never act on them they become just another vision.


Ken davis.


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