Learn How Too Just Connect With People Everybody Is Not Your Prospect!

Learn How Too Just Connect With People Everybody Is Not Your Prospect!

3 Foot Rule

Do you ever find yourself always trying to connect with people everywhere you go? Do you always use the three foot rule with every person that comes within your radius?

I use to be that person that practiced the 3 foot, 2 foot, 1 foot   even the ½ foot rule any time I went out of my house.  I was taught early on in my marketing career that you are to always prospect for your business.

I did this for years and when I reflect back on it I pissed a lot of people off.  You may be one of those people reading the blog right now.

Good News

The good news is that does not work anymore.  What I mean is it works like hit and miss and it’s not as effective as it was 10-15 years ago.

It’s really a watered down concept because so many business owners have did it and still do it today. People by nature have grown immune to the target we are putting on their back and most know how to avoid you now.

I was out today and I started talking to a guy that was testing out a workout machine. He was an older gentlemen and I just said “you are lifting that weight pretty easy add more on to it.”

Just Connect

I want you to keep in mind I am a business owner and I did not try to prospect him and get his name and number. In the past I knew it was time to go for the pitch right?

I just held a normal conversation and was interested in him so he went on to tell me his name his nationality and where he was from. He told me the different supplements he takes and how often his eating habits are plus the types of food he chooses to eat.

The Choice

I never gave my name at all and this guy came back around and saw me again and struck up another conversation. I still did not try to prospect this guy for a number of reasons.

One reason is I have learned to work only with the people I choose to work with.  I am looking for certain criteria from the people I choose to work with.

I use to have that “I need a sign up and or a sale each time I went out” mentality.  This type of thinking was and still does hold people back from building a massive business today.

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Ken Davis


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