Why You Should Think Like Successful People For Fast Results

I was reading a book by john Maxwell called how successful people think and it brought back some memories from my past. The one thing in the book that stood out to me was take some time just to think a place where you will not be disturbed.

Focused Thinking

The first day I did it I fell asleep for about an hour or two just thinking. The next day I did not fall asleep because it was just waking up and for me it made all the difference.

I reflected back when I decided to open up my clothing store some years ago.  I did not think about there is not very much traffic on this side of town because it wasn’t. I did not think what if I don’t make enough money to pay the rent.

Alpha Mindset

I did not listen to a lot of people who said why don’t   you go to the other side of town because you could make more money.  I was not listening to any negative people at all because they can see my vision.

Followed My Dream

I went ahead and opened my clothing shop and asked for a loan from the bank but got turned down.  After a year in business I got mail from the same bank offering me credit cards and a loan.  I did not take it because I did not want a summa business at that time.

Personal Development

The way you think has a lot to do with the decisions you are making in life and in your business today. It does not matter if you are in network marketing, online marketing, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, or social media marketing.

Your business success or failure stars with how you view the situation this could affect your business success, lead generation , recruiting, of you business.

You have to start putting more into your head than just radio and Tv. If you are reading books that can help you grow you also have to apply what you have learned in order for it to benefit you.

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Ken Davis



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