My Top 5 Tips To Lose Weight Without Exercising

eat-more-art-1Get My top 5 Tips To Lose Weight Without Exercising

Many times you just don’t feel like exercising for some reason or another, like bad weather , late from work , low energy or you just don’t feel like it. Many times we get turned off because we think you have to be In the gym for long amount of time right? Wrong You don’t have to break a sweat to lose a weight.

  1. Protein- takes more energy to digest than carbs. For example your body has to work harder to digest a salmon filet than it does to digest a bowl of past. Eating protein caused your body to release a hormone called leptin, which makes you feel fuller so you eat less.
  2. Drink Plenty of water with salt, because water needs electrolytes like sodium,, potassium, and chloride to be absorbed better. The electrolytes in the salt push the water into cells in the body where they are most needed, rather than let the water just flush your system out, which just caused to goto the restroom frequently.  This should give you more of an energy spike because you are staying hydrated.
  3. Don’t skip meals because you will end up snacking on the wrong foods and over eating at meal time. Always keep healthy snacks around when you are in between meals.
  4. Not enough sleep can lead to late night snacking which causes weight gain. It impacts your hunger and fullness hormones and making it more difficult to lose weight.
  5. Journal your daily food intake as this will tell you which foods serve you and which do not serve you. You are you own best advocate about the food you are eating and only you can be completely honest with yourself about it.


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