The Gym Scam

THe GymSo why do people spend their hard earned money on a gym membership and only go to the gym the firs 2 weeks and then every other week then only 1 week a month.

So is the gym scamming you because you are paying for something that’s not giving you any results ?  That tread mill is just sitting there  along with all those free weight and sucking up my money because they are not doing their job.

I pay for this nice facility monthly at least they could give me some satisfaction.  Six months go by and I’m paying a monthly membership but I don’t   have time to go because I’m to tired when I get off work .

The truth is it’s not a scam and its’ job is to be there at all times and yours is to show up and use it as much as you like.

If you concentrate more on getting better daily one day at a time as to being totally fit after a week then you will enjoy paying the gym your money because each day you are getting better and better.

Treat everything  in life this way and you will never feel scammed ever again in life..

Ken Davis


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