Delgada Slimming Coffee Review

Delgata Coffee-2Who’s been paying attention when i started the loose 5 pounds in 5 day challenge on August 3, i was 213 pounds and today August 7– My Weight is 208 Pounds so for me the product flat out works.

This is when you really believe in the product you have at first i posted other peoples results until i could get my own and now i got mine and in less time so Does It Work? You can bet your 2 week pay check it works.

I was on the sidelines for a year before i gave it a try because my health is more important than anything else i was willing to do it. Im glad i did because ive tried many products over the years never has one worked this fast.

I have only 1 problem with this product and that is now i have to buy new clothes Hey i guess 40 is the new 30 cause my waist size is shrinking too..

Now its your turn If you want to make some changes in your body you goto take action now not for me but for you because i already took the first step for more info visit


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