The Diet Plan That I Found To Lose Weight

First Diet Plan

So earlier this year i went on a 30 day salad and grapefruit diet; eating salads 3 times a day and after 45 days i lost 9 pounds.

Was i hungry? yes was i exercising? Yes? I wanted to get to 200 pounds but i got tired or eating salads and grapefruit juice daily then i hurt my back playing softball so i stopped exercising and the weight was starting to come back how many people know if your energy is low you will not go work out.

Second Diet Plan

So I started looking for a better way to lose weight and get more energy to workout so im researching a product that will help and i find TLC-Total life changes and see all the results and how fast it works without working out.

So first I ordered the Delgada Slimming Coffee cause i drink coffee daily. The iaso tea is next and on its way to my house as we speak.

They said they lost weight without working out o really well i put it to the test so heres my weigh in before i drank my first cup and after my first cup and i wont start working out until after 5 days.

Get this diet plan


Come watch me transform my life with tlc. to get some in your hands go here asap ==>


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