Day 1 – Just getting Started- Detox And Cleanse With Iaso Tea

So today is July 30th and it is the first day of my journey to better health. At first, I was going to do a 90 day challenge but thought about what I would do afterwards. I don’t want just a 90 day result, I want a completely new lifestyle. One that consists of healthier choices for life.


It’s hard for me at times to find a balance between kids, business and myself. I can admit, I haven’t been eating right and though I don’t have any major health problems aside from migraines (which get really bad)…I know it’s time to take better care of my health.


I’m not getting any younger and have six little people still at home to keep up with (my seventh is on his own…wow). So, I’m declaring TODAY, the first day of my new life!


Clean eating and regular exercise.

What Did I Do Today?

Total Life Changes Iaso Tea - Tamyka Washington

Started my detox and cleanse with Iaso Tea. I’m drinking 2 cups a day to rid my body of all these years of toxins.


I cut out sugar. This may be a tough one because I have a bit of a sweet tooth.


I’m reducing breads and pastas. I’m not going to fool myself…pasta is my guilty pleasure so I will cut back and add more veggies to my pasta dishes.


I decided I would increase fish and chicken breast into my diet. So if you have any healthy recipes, share them in the comments below!


And, I did a 30 minute cardo workout this morning.


That’s all for now!


Are you interested? If you want to join me and are ready to commit to a lifestyle change,click here to get started. I’d love to show you how Total Life Changes is changing my life and can change yours too!


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