Naysayer Who Are They?


People who say something will not work, or it’s not possible.  Naysayers are all around you and unfortunately they are the majority and the are recruiting like crazy.

You can’t share anything with the naysayers because they will find a reason why you will not succeed and try to persuade you to stop trying.  You have to know how to get past your naysayers.

Each successful step you take the naysayers will always be waiting on you because you bring pain into their world about the things they gave up on and do not want to be reminded of what could of been.

It can be family friends kids or anybody for that matter just be ware who you share your dreams with.

Get in a community of like minded people where its always positive and everyone congratulates you for your success.  If you don’t have access to this type of community click here to be apart of the positive 5% of people that pour into you day in and day out.  Click here now 


Ken d


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