MLM Put Some Gas In It

battery and gas

MLM Battery-

In your business you have to look at it like a car, which needs gas to move forward but also needs a battery to get started.  It need to get started some kind of way if not you then who?

When you first start in business the battery is training on your business.  Training is a vital part of your business because it may seed overwhelming but anything new will seem this way no matter what it is.

You must get all the training your company allows you to get including webinars, conference calls, weekly, monthly , and regional meeting.  You must get some knowledge to know what you are talking about.


Every time your gas hand gets low what do you do? Go get gas right well you better or you will be stranded on side of the road. If you don’t fuel up your business it will stall out as well.  The gas is you marketing your new found business and letting everyone know about it.  It’s up to you not the company you got involved with to market your business.  I think this is where new business owners go wrong because the expect the company’s brand to market for them also.

This is a huge mistake new marketers make over and over in business.  You have got to get the gas in and get going (0 to 60) asap.  Your business is just one entity but you also need a marketing system than can train and work for you at the some time.  It has to be very simple for the new marketer and be east to duplicate to their team.


I found a system that does everything for me for training the newest marketer or business owner to adding value to the veterans and the community is what makes the difference when you look at positive role models.  They give daily and pour value into anyone that is apart of the community.

Click here if you need to learn how to recharge your battery and gas up your business and never stall out again…


Ken D


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