Fightfor territoryAre you staking your claim? There is a abundance of territory but many fall short before they strike gold.

3 Feet From The Gold

This reminds me of a story when there were these miners drilling for gold. They put all their money into expensive equipment expecting to strike it rich.


At first they were full of courage and excitement.  After a weeks  of digging and coming up short on money they began to get discouraged because there was no sign of the gold. They were mainly concerned because they borrowed the money and people were counting on them to get their money back.


They finally gave up and sold the oil rig for a loss. The guy got a job and worked very hard to pay back all the money he borrowed.  He worked the rest of his life just so he could pay the money back.

Get Help

The new oil rig owner was no expert either but he hired a expert oil driller. This guy moved the oil rig and drilled 3 feet deeper and struck gold.

They were filthy rich because the new owner reached out for help and it paid off.  You have to reach out for help if your business is not performing at the max.

Your greatest thinking has gotten you this far.  You need someone else to pull the greatness out of you.  We all have greatness in us but we don’t know it. Get Help before you give up because you are not that far away.

I went through a 10 day book camp that opened my eyes to what i was doing wrong in my business. I got some free coaching along the way and it’s help me really visualize that it’s possible to attain my goals.

I needed some one to pull it out of me because I was the smartest in my circle so im building bigger circles where i’m not the smartest by far.

Stake Your Claim Today

If you are struggling and procrastinating in your business and just not making enough money I encourage you to take the challenge and get help..Click This Link Now For Access

P.S.  If you don’t stake your claim some one else will!!

Ken D



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