IS Networkmareting, MLM, Online Marketing, Is Not For Everyone?

Business Ownership=dogBeing In Business for yourself isn’t for everyone let’s face it. Look at how many business owners there are vs. how many employees there are in the us.  You can got anywere in you area and see that this is a true statement.


Your next question should be WHY?  It’s pretty simple when you think about it because we were programmed from child hood to work for someone else.  Its’ deeply rooted within us as kids.

The Bell System

Here is a test to show im right, when we started school they rang the bell at (8:00) am and at (8:10)am you would be considered late but you are in kinder garden so they let it slide for the first 2 weeks until the first bell got rooted in you.  Remember when you were so excited to go to school at that age and you beat your parents out the door?

Well fast forward to high school and by now you have all 4 bells down. The first (8:00am) bell is time to start class, then(12:00Noon)  bell time to eat lunch, but u better be unhungry at (1pm) because its’ time for class to start again. The last bell rings at (3:15) that means its time to go home rest up and get ready to start all over again. Sound familiar?


So you get fed up with your job because you have to work with people you don’t like in the first place, then all the vacation days you wanted are already taken.  You feel it’s not fair because of all the years you have given to the job.  You never see the owner only when something is wrong then you are called in for a conference call from the boss if you are lucky.


You decide while sitting on the couch that you can have always wanted to start you own company and you be the C.E.O.  After all you been working  for somebody else all these years right. You are so fired up that you jump into a network marketing company with high hopes of making that six figure income from home.

Self Management – Time Management Trap

You have just spent your money now what.  This is the big hole most new network marketers fall into because they are so use to people telling them what to  do and what time to do it. They never get started because they never hear the bell system ringing to let them know it’s time for the next task.

They get confused and then feel like they have been scammed out of their money because no one is ordering them around.  How can they be successful without the bell system?  Then they quit because they have too much time on their hands and not making any money.

So the obvious thing to do is go back to the bell system where they are told what to do and don’t have to think for themselves. Now they feel at home because they are back to the world they hated so much, but at least they have someone to think for them.

Paradigm Shift

The person than is the real business owner will have a paradigm shift ,and has smart goals.  They know easy addition and multiplication so it’s a easy equation to solve. They also know it’s better to make profits than wages.  They study different books and watch less T.V-programming.

Decision Time

By now you should know if you are cut out to be a business owner or not if not thanks for stopping by, But if you are then click on this link to get started as the C.E.O Today.  We have all the systems to help you get started and get off to a running start.  You bring the Desire and we will Bring Everything else.

Ps. If you build it they will come…

Ken D



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