Hot Off The Press MLM Leads

Are you struggling in you network marketing or internet marketing business due to the lack of good prospects for your business? If so listen up and pay close attention as i reveal the most talked about fear in business today. 

What Every Business Needs.

What is it you may ask, hot targeted leads or prospects.  It does not matter if your business is online or offline you are still faced with the same problem.  We all know there are ways of doing certain things in life that we are taught to do.

How We Learn & Who We Learn From

In our personal life we learn from our parents what to do or not to do.  In business its a little different because we come in so excited and ready to be a six figure earner over knight, you ever had that feeling? Well I did and  I got started in networkmarketing in 2000 by accident.

 Working My Good Job

Prior to joining network marketing i was ok with working 80 hour weeks cause that’s what i saw my parents do. My nice cars stayed in my jobs parkinglot more than anywhere else.  I thought yes this is the american dream because they even told me i might be considered for management.

They even had me doing traing classes because i had good scores on my call q&a and alot of satisfied customers. I was hyped until i noticed some people i had trained were already making manager within 2-3 months. 

When i question this i never got a straight answer. Now before u say well they had more experience thats not true because i owned my own clothing store for 5 yr and a detail shop for a year and part owner in a knight club. 

One manager said i was too young bolonga, so when i over heard people from the job talking about extra money from home I was in.  They said make a list of everybody you know and we will call and invite them to your house party.  

How I Got Leads In The Year 2000

So I invited about 50 and 25 showed up cause i was always having a house party but this was different it was a business house party and most of my guest were confused asking where is the music and why is it a big flip chart in the middle of the the floor.  Then almost everybody said you normally have alot of food at your party where is the food?  Some even walked out after 10 minutes cause i was passing around a guest sign in sheet.  

When I look back only one out of that 50 was really a targeted lead and he’s been around with me through the years.  I did what my upline said to do and he said i did a good job and i got 3 signups that knight. Yea I was excited and for the first time I felt like i worked harder for myself than on the job but with less hours and plus i only did half the work to get the people there and the other half my upline did it over the phone..

I had a speaker box and had people on the edge of their seat listening to the guy talk about business it reminded me of “charlie” from “Charlies Angles”. Then when I was done with my warm market I was told to go cold market what is this? Its the ‘3-foot rule” meaning where ever i go and some one was atleast 3-foot from me then i would strike up a conversation and exchange my business card for their name and number.  

My First Business Training Event

No problem for me but for my team they were not as bold and fearless as I was so it did not work out for them cause they said you mean we got to talk to strangers? Yep thats what the upline said if we want that six figures.  

Then upline said you need to travel 8 hours for you first cooperate business training.  I said ok whos paying for this trip? He said your business cause its a rite off on your taxes.  I was confused cause my business only making about 10.00 a month residual so im in Texas And Flying to Atlanta Ga is more than my residual, so i told my team what i was told and to my suprise I was the only one that showed up in Atlanta for my business training.  

I was a little upset that i had to come by myself one cause i was scared to fly and two my team did not come with me.  My upline was happy i came and introduced me to alot of people and it really blew my mind all these wealthy people from around the world sharing their story of what they went through to be debt free and have a six figure income.  

The Six figure Dream Is True

I was forever ready to do what ever it took to be the next person that walks across the stage.  This was the old way of marketing and prospecting now fast forward 15 years its old and outdated believe me i know.  I’ve been   in the trenches long enough to know.  So what does a person do when they have been in multiple company’s or had relatives in network marketing company’s?  

New Day Hot Targeted Leads For 2015

Well you are doomed form the start cause you have your uncle “know it all Joe” that borrows money from you but know everything under the sun.  That six figure dream is still out there you just have to change the way you prospect for leads and i would like to share a system with you that will give you access to people who have their hands raised already waiting on you to contact them.  

Target Practice You Ready?

They have put a target on them self and all you have to do is put your business in front of them and Bamm That’s It Game Over. Its my gift to you a 10-day-book camp that will show you exactly how the new age prospecting is done..

Decision Time!

You have (2) choices (1) is to keep doing what you are doing and getting frustrated because the people you find are not interested in what you have to offer or (2) close the gap and only talk to people that are interested in your business which are targeted prospects.

 So if you are ready to revive your network marketing business then click on this link now. <<<Click Here<>>>>>>

ps. what do you have to loose?

Ken D

Get More Info Here 


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