WHAT?! Fox News Contributor: Michelle Obama Needs to ‘Drop a Few’ Pounds (Watch)

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Fox News contributor and psychiatrist Keith Ablow Tuesday said First Lady Michelle Obama should “drop a few” while talking about school lunches with an all-female panel.

“How well can she be eating, she needs to drop a few” Ablow said during the network’s “Outnumbered” program Tuesday, causing shocked reactions from several of the hosts.

The panel was discussing the federal school lunch program, and Ablow continued that he doesn’t support the use of vegetables in the program.

“Let’s be honest , I mean there’s no french fries ever, that’s all kale and carrots, I don’t buy it,” Ablow said.

Ablow instead complimented President Obama’s appearance, stating that he would like to take nutrition advice from him instead.

Host Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery countered Ablow’s comment by complimenting the First Lady’s “booty.”

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