Let Me Take A Selfie: Ray J Gets LAPD Cops In Trouble With Smartphone Pic

Black America Web

Ray J has spent a lot of time with the Los Angeles Police Department this year, and now he’s mixed up with them again!

The department is looking into a situation where cops recently took pictures with Ray after they pulled him over. TMZ.com reports that the “One Wish” singer was stopped while driving his Bentley in the San Fernando Valley on Thursday because two cops thought he was texting behind the wheel.

Ray insisted that he wasn’t breaking any laws because he was actually just trying to connect his blue tooth. After running his license and registration, the officers asked if he was in the music business and ordered him out of the car.

Given his recent run-in with the authorities, Ray was terrified that he might be in trouble with the law again! Fortunately for him, the starstruck cops just wanted some snapshots with him. After taking pictures…

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