UH OH! Nelly Clowns Floyd Mayweather Jr. On ESPN’s ‘Highly Questionable’ [WATCH]

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. may have another target outside of T.I. since being publicly dissed by rapper Nelly.

Here’s a quick back story:

Floyd Mayweather dated Miss Jackson. After a very public on-again, off-again series of breakups, the most recent being him blastting her on social media for allegedly aborting his twins, the two officially called it off. For real this time.


Insert the famous St. Lunatic.

Fresh off of his breakup with LaShontae (or was it Ashanti?), Nelly moved right into the arms of…you guessed it, Miss Jackson.


The last few months they’ve been showcasing their relationship on social media (as has Floyd and his new boo, @badmedina).

Fast forward to present day cyberspace and Nelly stopped by ESPN’s ‘Highly Questionable’ to discuss his infamous ‘Tip Drill’ video and of course he couldn’t help but mention the world champion boxer.

On his beef with Floyd:

“I think the…

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