If You Like Spades, You Will Love Bid Whist Part 2

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As an accomplished Spades player, you have no doubt experienced a situation during which you and your partner stretched to make an ambitious bid but got set. Having fallen behind on the scoreboard, you had to try to make up ground by resorting to risky, exotic gambits like “going nil” (an attempt to lose each and every round), the “blind six” bid for 120 points or the ol’ “10 for 200” bid in which you and your partner promise to win a whopping ten of the thirteen rounds for a “double” prize of 200 points. Meanwhile, your opponents were content to run out the clock by safely underbidding a seemingly endless series of hands, taking only enough risk to clear the low “sandbags” hurdle as they coasted to victory.

Just as there is no crying in baseball, there is no coasting in Bid Whist. As in…

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