Mona Scott-Young Says New ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Spin-Off Is Coming Soon

Black America Web

“Love & Hip Hop” mastermind Mona Scott-Young is almost ready to unveil the latest version of her hit franchise.

This year, there have been reports that Mona’s team has been filming in Los Angeles, and that Ray J Is part of the cast. When tried sniffing out more clues about her newest spin-off, Mona admitted that she definitely had an interest in bringing her series to the West Coast.

“Well, we like the surprise element. I mean, listen, we’ve been looking to expand the franchise for a very long time,” Mona stated. “It’s no secret that I’ve looked at a few cities, including Los Angeles. I think that there are some great stories here to tell, and, ya know, stay tuned.”

Mona wouldn’t give an ETA on when the newest version of “Love & Hip Hop” would hit VH1, but she hinted that its coming a lot sooner than…

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