Sometimes Negative Can Lead To A Positive.

Any time you give power to negative conversation that is the reality you will create.  I only heard about amazon ebayDSDonination because of negative talk from people.  I decided to look up what these bad people are doing. In our mind we retain more negative than positive thoughts.  I went to Youtube to see what i could find out about the company.  I saw video after video and it was nothing but posititve feed back.  I could understand what DSD was talking about.  I was looking for more information about drop shipping. I had a program but it only touched on Ebay just a little.  I felt like it was something being left out even after viewing the videos 5-6 times.  So It was more for you to figure out on your own, but for me my time was valuable so it was time to move on.  DSD has training to guide the new person from day 1. They Guide you through setting up your first Ebay account. There are so many little things just in the start that can really hinder you from your success.  If you know the pitfalls that lay ahead of you this makes the whole process very smooth.  They hold your hand the whole way until you start making money.  They only focus on one thing and thats Ebay an Amazon. A old mentor of mine once said you can be the best jockey in the world but if you are on the wrong horse you will never win.  I’m really glad I have been around  marketing long enough to dismount that horse and get on one that will help me succeed.  So no matter what business you are in don’t talk negative about another company because it gives power to it.  You will never know who is looking for something else.


Ken Davis


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