Are You Insane?

Are you insane is a very good question?  Why is it so many people suffer from this disorder and don’t even know it. To know you are insane I guess you would have to be sane, other wise how would you know. There are so many clues that are present to tell you if you are insane. Do you know how to spot the clues? First if a person is always complaining about things and expecting a different outcome, but never does anything different to change their outcome. How can we expect anything to change if we never make any changes to our lives. It’s really a sensitive situation because how many people would truthfully say they are insane? Its’ not the crazy insane we are talking about but its the fact that a person has to make a drastic change in their quality of life. You have to first realize yes i’m insane and im going to change this asap. There may be some resistance at first but with change this is expected. Try to work on yourself every day and the best thing is to start with a personal development book because these books take you in great detail to point out why you are insane and you need to step out of it.


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