Are You A Outsider?

Are you a outsider? What does it really mean to be a outsider. To be a outsider means you are different from the people you are currently around. You may have different points of view on many things and can’t understand why the people in your circle are always having a different point of view. To be a outsider means you have been exposed to something different and most people don’t like change so they say you are a outsider because you have been exposed. People want you to conform to what they are doing whether its right or wrong, but you must make up your own mind. We are creatures of habit so we expect others to have the same habits and if not we say they are outsiders. Its not bad to be a outsider because this means you don’t let anyone make up your mind. You make your own mind up based on the clues you draw from that situation. You decided that you don’t wont to have the same routine as your peers. You may be lonely at first because you are a outsider, but guess what there are outsiders all around and you just have to seek and find them and form your own mastermind group. I’m a outsider too..

Ken Davis


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