Do You Have The Monday Blues?

Monday Blues

Monday Blues

Many people have the Monday blues and they know it. On Friday the masses of people are so happy and full of life. They have a list of things they want to do in the next few days. How interesting this concept is so widely accepted by over 90% of America. Why have we bought into this concept of working 5 days a week and having 2 days off to rest and enjoy a little leisure time? We have to go back to starting school where we were first exposed to the bell system. The first bell was to start school around 8 am, this meant it’s time to start the class for the day. The next bell rings at 12 noon to tell you that its time to eat regardless if you are hungry or not. The last bell rings around 3 pm and it tells you that school is out and you can leave and go home to rest up for tomorrow but you must be back by the time that 8 am bell rings the next morning. This process is on going for 5 days a week. Are you starting to see the picture? This type of programming is started as a child and our brain learns to adopt to the process. No one is telling us any different because they were programmed with the same process. Most people who did not like going to school 5 days a week are most likely the ones who don’t like going to work 5 days a week. If that was not enough when you work a job they interrupt your programming  by splitting up your work week and that means you went from a 2 weekend off days too split days off. There goes the neighborhood only 1 day in between to rest up for the next day. Many people don’t see a way out because they want to relax and party on their day off. This is the real issue with Monday Blues. It’s a way to turn Monday blues to Happy Days all seven. How do you start to make happy days? It’s on your day off, instead of relaxing and partying start working on your self to make a better you. Personal development is the key to happy days. If you have time to complain then you have time to work on yourself. Change what you put in your mind and you can change your life. While you are at work where do you think your employer is at? They are somewhere working on them self to keep the people who are not working on their shelf employed and having Monday Blues..Have a great Monday.

Ken Davis


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