Why Have A Healthy Attitude?

Why should you have a healthy attitude is a good question.  A healthy attitude can lead to success in many areas.  Success is not luck but a simple set of rules, that you can only follow if you have a healthy attitude.  A healthy attitude gets results daily, it tells the world what we want good or bad.  Life’s attitude towards us is a direct reflection of our attitude towards it.  You can tell  what kind of a attitude a person  has by the series of events in their life.  Your attitude is your reflection in the mirror.  The way you deal with situations is determined by your attitude. Two things a  healthy attitude does daily is gratitude and expect.  They are thankful for just living here and the expect all their goals and dreams to come true.  Remember you are like an artist and you are painting your life on a canvas daily based on your attitude.  Weather it’s good or bad it’s the picture you paint.  Face it we do it to our self with out knowing it.  There are opportunities around us all the time but many of us miss them because of our attitude.  You can’t wait for things to change you have to change to get what you want.  How do you start to get a Healthy attitude?  First try using sticky notes all over your house on mirrors and  in your car with something on them as simple as smile and speak to everyone you see today.  You have to feel important to yourself before anyone else will think you are important.


Ken Davis





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