Work Harder On Yourself Than You Work Your Job!

Why would a person work harder on them self than they work their job? It’s a number of reasons but the one that stands out is a job is not promised to be here tomorrow. Jobs can downsize at any time without informing their employees. Your employers main concern is his house hold and his income. The employer is not concerned with your issues such as food, gas, mortgage, kids, or any other issues you could think of. It’s funny that your employer always stress to you that they want you to give 100% of your effort but when the times get tough a lay off is floating in the air and why can’t they take a pay cut and give you 100%. This would be the best place to work if that were to happen and a fairy tale right. I’m not saying to slack off you job because you are paid for a hourly service or some for a salary service. You are trading time for money. It’s time you figure out how to work on yourself more and get paid for the value you bring to the market. We all have some type of value to bring to the market regardless of your background. You can be a expert in your field but you have to work on yourself to find out what you are a expert in. You will have to shed many layers to find out what your value is because the longer we live the more masks we learn to wear and maintain. We should cleanse and renew our mind daily through exercising the most powerful muscle in your body which is your mind. Many people don’t know how to exercise their mind and this is a problem. To exercise your mind first change what you are reading if you are reading at all. Start reading personal development books because they walk you through how to start exercising your mind. Stop listening to the radio because it’s not helping you grow the hear the same old songs you know by heat and not getting you anywhere except you know that song. Listen to audios on personal development so you will have a library on wheels. Work on yourself everyday and every way. Ken Davis


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