Does Your Belief Affect You?

What is belief? Your belief is how you think and approach any and all things in life. It’s what you feel to be true without having to draw clues like a judgement. How do you get your belief is even a better question. You get your belief from you parents first because they teach you their beliefs they have learned. You also get your belief from what ever part of the country you are from. When we are kids we always would find conflict if a person did not believe like we did, because we were only taught our beliefs and we were never told other people have beliefs that are different from ours. Our parents never tried to make us understand as a child that people have different belief systems so we grow up with all the beliefs they instilled in us and carry those beliefs with us for a life time. It’s not until we are challenged that we start to see that everybody does not think like we do. This starts to be a problem so to avoid it we start to form clicks of people to be around that think like us. This is our comfort zone because we don’t have to deal with any outside beliefs. These beliefs can sometimes hold you back at different points of you life, whether it marriage, job, or business. Sometimes we look at our family history to make sure were can or cannot accomplish something because they had the same beliefs we do. This will hold you back in many areas until you form your own belief system. Many people work jobs for years at the same position and never move up, but on the job they say they like their position because they don’t want to deal with the headache of more work and more pay. When they go home they are always complaining about what they don’t have and how their co-worker is lucky because they are favored. This is just their belief system if they want more they believe they should have it. Many people are trapped in a life that they just don’t want and can’t see away to get out, so they just go on struggling and depressed. If only there was a road map you could use to look back where you started from with those beliefs and where you are now and where you are going next. Many people don’t know where they are going because they don’t like where they are at currently. I believe that is why the Gps was a great invention because they knew people just don’t know where they are going and need to be guided there. This works for destinations but what do you use for your personal life? You have to start working on yourself through personal development. Its a lot of info about it on the net just sit down and start reading some of it…

Ken Davis


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