Why Are You Stuck?

Why am I stuck is really a common question this day and time.  Many people are stuck and don’t even know it.  We live in a microwave society where we expect everything to be instant.  Only microwave ovens can produce instant results, but leave it in too long and it will burn up.  The lesson is you are stuck because you are rushing you progress and success like it’s in a microwave oven.  Then you give up on yourself because that instant success does not happen.  In truth your success or progress is happening but you have been conditioned to get it and get it fast that it just goes over your head.  We should take more lessons form farmers, they are perfect examples of seed, time, and harvest.  They are very patient people and so patient the city folks call the simple people.  They understand life and how it works and do not make it complicated.  To be simple is very rewarding because you don’t set yourself up for failure.  The farmers take their time and they with their products and give them time to grow, because they never bought into the success over night way of thinking.  Many people see a person with success that they have never seen before and think that’s a success over night person.  They really don’t know all the ups and downs that person went through to get the success they have today.  You are stuck because you may be scared to go through process.  The process is where success is gained or lost.  If you go through the process then you can have success, but if you don’t complete the process you are sure to stay stuck and move on to your next task. So how do you get unstuck?  First find out what you really want out of life.  This can be major because you will find most people have never given much thought to what they really want in life.  Why are so many people doing what other people want them to do instead of what they want to do?  One big clue is the TV.  If you spend enough time in front of that TV then hours, days, and years go by and you have been programed to watch other succeed and watch and celebrate their success.  Step one is to stop watching TV because it a total waste of your time.  Step 2 Read personal development books because they walk you through where you are and where you want to go.  This process is not a over night gig.  It’s a life long journey because if you really start and are seeking to get unstuck you will not be able to go back to the old you.  Step 3 change your friends because if they don’t bring value to you then they are taking away value from you.  Step 4 find a mentor because you need some one to rely on.  This does not mean find some one physically it can be tapes for videos form some talking about personal development.  Step 5 set goals and make sure they are short goals at first not a far fetched goal that you can’t reach and you give up, because you are just starting out so make it easy to attain the goal.


Ken Davis




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