How do you separate working your business and your personal life?

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Is there a way to separate your personal life from your business life?  Many people believe you have to seperate them andvin reality you don’t.


You are always off if you have your own business and you are always working if you have your own business.


You have technology to thank for the wonderful resource of the internet.  You can take a picture of anything anywhere and post it to Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform.

You will have instantly let people know whats going on in your life and mabe get some interaction also.

This is you working your business while going through your daily routine.  You are your business and your business is you.

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Naysayer Who Are They?


People who say something will not work, or it’s not possible.  Naysayers are all around you and unfortunately they are the majority and the are recruiting like crazy.

You can’t share anything with the naysayers because they will find a reason why you will not succeed and try to persuade you to stop trying.  You have to know how to get past your naysayers.

Each successful step you take the naysayers will always be waiting on you because you bring pain into their world about the things they gave up on and do not want to be reminded of what could of been.

It can be family friends kids or anybody for that matter just be ware who you share your dreams with.

Get in a community of like minded people where its always positive and everyone congratulates you for your success.  If you don’t have access to this type of community click here to be apart of the positive 5% of people that pour into you day in and day out.  Click here now 


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MLM Put Some Gas In It

battery and gas

MLM Battery-

In your business you have to look at it like a car, which needs gas to move forward but also needs a battery to get started.  It need to get started some kind of way if not you then who?

When you first start in business the battery is training on your business.  Training is a vital part of your business because it may seed overwhelming but anything new will seem this way no matter what it is.

You must get all the training your company allows you to get including webinars, conference calls, weekly, monthly , and regional meeting.  You must get some knowledge to know what you are talking about.


Every time your gas hand gets low what do you do? Go get gas right well you better or you will be stranded on side of the road. If you don’t fuel up your business it will stall out as well.  The gas is you marketing your new found business and letting everyone know about it.  It’s up to you not the company you got involved with to market your business.  I think this is where new business owners go wrong because the expect the company’s brand to market for them also.

This is a huge mistake new marketers make over and over in business.  You have got to get the gas in and get going (0 to 60) asap.  Your business is just one entity but you also need a marketing system than can train and work for you at the some time.  It has to be very simple for the new marketer and be east to duplicate to their team.


I found a system that does everything for me for training the newest marketer or business owner to adding value to the veterans and the community is what makes the difference when you look at positive role models.  They give daily and pour value into anyone that is apart of the community.

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Comparing Yourself To Others


Comparing yourself to others it the biggest mistake you could ever make.

You are comparing the best of the other person to the worst of you.

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Momentum Why You Need It For Anything You Do


Momentum is something than if used correctly can help you but at the some time it can also work against you also.

When ever you are getting started with anything you need momentum to get it started but when you get it going look out cause there’s no stopping you now..

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Reasons To Hit Your Goals!


Don’t focus on all the reasons you can’t hit your goals but focus on the 1 reason why you should hit your goals.

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Success is not an accident it’s a choice. You make your choices and create Habits . Your habits have to be lined up with your goals and dreams for tomorrow.

Your success is waiting on your are you going to go get it?

Success takes time and patience and you need to be willing to fail. Turn your failures into success by learning from them..

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