Clutter Butter

black-woman-meditating2-1Have you figured out like me that our minds is like clutter butter? We have so many thought going through our mind that we can’t really focus on anything we really want. We normally just except what is given to us instead of what we really want. Is this by design or do we all have adhd? We must get very clear on what we want in order to get it..So how do we stop all these millions of thoughts running through our head daily? I found a way to do it but its not a quick fix its something you will have to keep up daily and really the rest of you life. It’s been around for centuries but I never paid much attention to it so it’s one of the Biggest Secrets to getting what you want. You see people do it at home, in the park, in the library, and just about any where. Why is that so few know about it and the masses don’t? Well sometimes the most obvious thins are right under you nose and you are just to distracted to realize it..What is the secret the so obvious you ask? Its the art of meditation. I did not really think that meditation really worked I guess because I did not understand the process behind it. It’s a procedure to correctly meditate. I will be meditation from here on out in just 3 days I can tell the difference already. It’s time to go out and get whats mine.

Ken Davis

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